Monday, October 24, 2011

So its monday...

Its a Monday afternoon and i still believe that i haven't gotten enough sleep. my hair is a complete mess and like most women, i have correlated that as to why i'm just having "a bad day". its really not a bad day because i was able to wake up and go to work, some people can't say that so all in all, I'm blessed to say that least,i just don't feel like myself but i know exactly why,IM GETTING OLD. yes, that's what it is! i went out with my girlfriends this weekend, and we had a GREAT time. I naturally love to dance so dancing at a club is nothing new to me but something was different about Saturday night, when i say we danced, WE DANCED! my whole body aches, i haven't fully recovered from the weekend...sigh! i told my mother i will attend church with her, she woke me up numerous times but i couldn't move a muscle. i felt like I've been in a gym with a personal trainer. My body feels as though i did some traditional crunches, bridges, back extensions and military presses for hours the day before. but thats ok considering that i don't work out (unhealthy) so even though my body is sore, i believe i got a good workout in so im not too mad lol
The picture below is a picture of me and the girls from this weekend. and Emma and I welcomed Nancy to the Red lipstick crew lol 
 (left) Emma lipstick: MAC Ruby Woo
(middle) im not sure what Nancy has on her lips
but its MAC
(Right) i have on So Chaud and Ruby Woo mixed together


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