Thursday, October 27, 2011

I love this song!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New Hairstyle!!! i so love it...

Sisterly Moments....

Monday, October 24, 2011

We all Try....

So i was browsing through a blog (straighNOchase) and i gave across this song, i can't stop singing it, it speaks to my soul!
"i still believe in men,  a wise men asked me why,cause i don't believe we're wicked i know that we sin but i do believe we try, we all try"

So its monday...

Its a Monday afternoon and i still believe that i haven't gotten enough sleep. my hair is a complete mess and like most women, i have correlated that as to why i'm just having "a bad day". its really not a bad day because i was able to wake up and go to work, some people can't say that so all in all, I'm blessed to say that least,i just don't feel like myself but i know exactly why,IM GETTING OLD. yes, that's what it is! i went out with my girlfriends this weekend, and we had a GREAT time. I naturally love to dance so dancing at a club is nothing new to me but something was different about Saturday night, when i say we danced, WE DANCED! my whole body aches, i haven't fully recovered from the weekend...sigh! i told my mother i will attend church with her, she woke me up numerous times but i couldn't move a muscle. i felt like I've been in a gym with a personal trainer. My body feels as though i did some traditional crunches, bridges, back extensions and military presses for hours the day before. but thats ok considering that i don't work out (unhealthy) so even though my body is sore, i believe i got a good workout in so im not too mad lol
The picture below is a picture of me and the girls from this weekend. and Emma and I welcomed Nancy to the Red lipstick crew lol 
 (left) Emma lipstick: MAC Ruby Woo
(middle) im not sure what Nancy has on her lips
but its MAC
(Right) i have on So Chaud and Ruby Woo mixed together

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I actually like all types of music but Ghanaian music takes me back home, all the way back! one thing i adore about Ghanaian music is that, although it has alot of western influence, most of the artist still gives us Ghana, they still give us Ghana in a sense that most of the songs are in twi. the music is more of a story so i view most Ghanaian musicians as "story tellers". recently, i was browsing on youtube and i came across this video by Efa and Yaa Pono, i love this song so im going to go ahead and share it. the song is called "good morning"....enjoy!

Monday, October 17, 2011

so i have a blog....

Hello Readers, this is my first entry. yay!!!! lol  my name is Rosemary Bofah Ghana, West Africa is where im from. Since this summer, i've gotten into reading and looking at blogs and ive always wanted to start my own but i wasn't really sure how i wanted to go about it, thanks to my lovely dear friend Emma who actually created this blog for me, she's so sweet! this blog is going to be composed of many things, its basically self explanatory (Rosey's World). I'm so very excited about posting things and letting you into my world...enjoy!
 *au revoir*